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School address: No. 66, East Village, Erqiao, Hanyang, Wuhan Tel: 027-84630505
Contact: Teacher Liu, Teacher Sheng Tel: 027-84630318
Website: (official website)
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School Profile




Wuhan Construction School was established in December 1979. It was formerly known as Wuhan Civil Construction School, and its campus is located in Baoshan Temple, Hongshan, Wuchang. It belongs to Wuhan Real Estate Bureau. 合到 武汉市民用建筑学校,学校整体搬迁到汉阳二桥东村66号,隶属武汉市住宅建设总公司。 In February 1986, the Party School of Wuhan Housing Construction Corporation merged with the Wuhan Civil Construction School, and the school was relocated to No. 66 East Village, Hanyang Erqiao, under the Wuhan Housing Construction Corporation. In September 1991, the three schools merged. 年6月,更改校名。 In June 2002, the school name was changed. From the original "Wuhan Urban and Rural Construction School" to "Wuhan Construction School".
学校占地面积57533.81平方米,其中主校区占地面积为41693.81平方米,实训基地占地面积为15840平方米。 The current school covers an area of 57533.81 square meters, of which the main campus covers an area of 41693.81 square meters, and the training base covers an area of 15,840 square meters. It has 6.65 million yuan worth of teaching equipment and a library collection of 122,800 volumes. The campus has a well-organized layout, reasonable structure, complete facilities, and a quiet environment.
There are currently 96 faculty members, including 39 senior titles and 26 intermediate titles; 7 graduates (masters) and 79 bachelor degrees; 1 municipal faculty teacher, 3 municipal discipline leaders, and municipal There are 6 outstanding young teachers; 36 "double-teacher" teachers, and 53.7% of the "double-teacher" teachers are full-time teachers.
建设部、教育部共同认定的武汉地区唯一的全国建设行业技能型紧缺人才示范性培养培训基地,建设部认定的二级培训资质。 After 37 years of history, the school is now a national key and provincial demonstration secondary vocational school. It is the only demonstration and training base for skilled talents in the construction industry in Wuhan region jointly recognized by the Ministry of Construction and the Ministry of Education. Certified secondary training qualification. It has been rated as a provincial civilized unit for 6 consecutive years. It has jointly established high vocational colleges with the University of Science and Technology of China, and cooperated with Hubei Urban Construction College, Wuhan Vocational College, and Hubei Water Conservancy and Hydropower Vocational College in a "3 + 2".
At present, there are 5 majors, among which, construction engineering, municipal engineering, and engineering cost are major provincial majors, and building decoration is major municipal major. There are construction, municipal, and decorative vocational education training bases, rebar, template processing practice workshops, scaffolding, masonry training sites, computer centers, and electrical and electronics training rooms. With the strong support of higher-level departments, the school adheres to the school-oriented philosophy of “based on technical secondary school, develops adult education, and takes training into account”, adheres to the school-oriented philosophy of “pragmatic, empowering, innovative, and adult”, and follows “wide foundation, strong skills, "Innovation and high quality" principle, through the graduate follow-up survey, talent demand analysis, career position analysis, majors and curriculum reform seminars, etc., to adjust professional settings, curriculum settings and professional talent training programs in a timely manner, formulate strict and scientific The implementation of the teaching plan emphasizes the combination of practical training with theoretical teaching, professional training goals, and the specific conditions of students, so as to teach students according to their aptitude, give full play to the autonomy of students' learning skills, improve the quality and efficiency of practical teaching, and promote recruitment, Employment and training have grown simultaneously, making a positive contribution to the regional economic development of Wuhan's urban circle, especially the development of the construction industry in the region.
年来,近2万名毕业生像新鲜血液样被源源不断地输送到建设行业的每一个领域,被誉为行业的“输血泵”。 Over the past 37 years, nearly 20,000 graduates have been continuously transported to every field of the construction industry like fresh blood samples, and are known as the industry's "blood transfusion pump". Over the past 37 years, nearly 70,000 construction workers have added immeasurable impetus to the sustainable development of construction enterprises, and have been hailed as "gas stations" for enterprises.
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