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School address: No. 66, East Village, Erqiao, Hanyang, Wuhan Tel: 027-84630505
Contact: Teacher Liu, Teacher Sheng Tel: 027-84630318
Website: (official website)
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Wuhan Jianshe School is affiliated to the Wuhan Construction Commission. It is a national key technical secondary school that trains skilled talents in the construction industry. It is a model training and training base for skilled scarce talents in the construction industry identified by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Construction. The second-level training qualification unit, the provincial civilized unit, the first batch of vocational schools in Wuhan that passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification. The school is located next to the Jianghan Second Bridge with convenient transportation and adjacent to Wuhan Economic Development Zone. It has an elegant environment and is an ideal place to study. The school integrates ordinary technical secondary school, adult higher education, and various professional and technical training. It has more than 3,000 students. The school has a strong teaching force with 125 full-time teachers, 38 senior lecturers, 35 lecturers, and 21 dual-teacher teachers ..
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