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School address: No. 66, East Village, Erqiao, Hanyang, Wuhan Tel: 027-84630505
Contact: Teacher Liu, Teacher Sheng Tel: 027-84630318
Website: (official website)
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2019-11-12 17:46:43
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2018-10-31 13:27:09
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2018-10-31 13:27:05
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Zhang Yuying
2014-7-1 10:50:02
[Message subject]: Consult
[Message content]: What are the future employment prospects? How long does the semester take?

[Response content]: Employment prospects can be seen in Wuhan's architectural development! Graduation from junior high school comes to school for three years, tuition is 2800 a year; Graduation from high school comes to school for one year, tuition is 3800 a year.

2014-6-3 14:49:37
[Message subject]: What are the conditions for students from other provinces to enter your school?
[Message content]: Hello, can students from other provinces apply for the school? What kind of information do you need, and how many years?

[Response content]: Students from other provinces can register at our school. This is the registration stage. You can bring your admission ticket, graduation certificate, and Hukou to register directly.

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